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User Persona is the key to Successful Marketing

Creating a user persona should be the first goal for your business. A user persona helps you define where and why your audience is. This itself is the most important part of your marketing strategy, and a content strategy helps you define the mode of inbound leads.

The most prominent strategy for inbound lead generation is content strategy and that is how your target audience will find you and let you know, this is the go-to guy. 

Every Digital Marketing strategy includes social media and brand awareness. Most people elude the marketing funnel space because that is one single thing that makes a change. The change lasts forever and directs value for the person who sees it and that is the result for your audience. 
Each Marketing strategy starts from the AIDA principle. Which is 

● Awareness 
● Interest 
● Desire 
● Action 

The awareness part is the point at which you make customers know you have the solution that they are looking forward to. It is the phase at which the customers understand everyone is on the same page.

Every marketer must be aware of the solution you offer and this one will make you stand out among the crowd. The strategies you put forward and the funnels you introduce, 
everything starts with awareness. Your Brand is available on the market, you have a solution and it is the only strategic blueprint that solves a particular problem. 
Interest is the second phase.

AIDA principle moves on to the Interest part where your job is to make the customer interested in your product/service. This should be induced with the help of offering partial solutions and brilliant ad copies. Ad copies that make your target audience convert should be the initial and final strategy in this particular phase. 

Desire must be invoked for your audience. Now there comes the next question. HOW? How can you induce desire? This can be done with the help of social media and results. Aesthetic values can be driven for your audience with the help of the results you have achieved for your audience. The results must stand above the rest, consider providing 3X ROADS with your Marketing Strategy and the Desire part is yours. 

Action is the part where you make sure the intended audience clicks on your link. Strong Call To Actions that leverage the psychology of your audience must be used for your audience. You should be able to find out what exactly your audience needs to solve their problem, then this must be answered in your Call To Action.

Having an optimized funnel is paramount for any successful business because this will be the one element that takes your business to heights and provides a digital push. Let it be App promotion, Social Media Marketing, Google ads. The most important phase is to take your audience through the funnel and nurture them on the way.

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