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Flutter the Way for 2021 Cross-Platform App Development

Failure to select the right platform for mobile application development has thwarted the prospects of many start-ups that started off on an ambitious note. Each entrepreneur who ventures into the field of mobile app development has to be aware of the evolving trends in the field of technology. If the cross-platform application is your choice, then Flutter, developed by Google should be your go-to framework. It has proven to be an effective choice to accelerate the development process in a relatively cost-free manner.

Although Flutter was launched only a year ago, it is a notch ahead of other leading cross-platform frameworks in the field of mobile application development. It was developed for auxiliary environmental computing and is currently used by many high-tech companies such as Groupon, eBay, and Tencent.


Alongside the well-known companies, the evolving start-ups too have bestowed their trust on Flutter in order to bring their digital products to the market. The rapidly growing market share is a testament to the fact that the future cross-platform applications belong to Flutter.


Exclusive Code Base

Flutter is extremely advantageous as it doesn't require developers to write multiple codes for different platforms. It overcomes the traditional limitations of the cross-platform approach. 

It can be categorized as a hybrid application development environment that effectively reduces the daily work of users and developers. 


Open Source Feasibility

It is an end-to-end open-source platform where developers all over the world constantly add their work to the library, making the structure more extensive.

It comes with ample free open source packages that support rapid development and is free for developers along with "Dart" that is another programming language.


Rapid Development of the Application

A single code base framework, it can speed up the development and testing process. It allows developers to easily build applications while testing them in real-time. It also plays a vital role in reducing the cost of developing mobile applications.


Many open-source packages

It comes with many free open-source packages that support rapid development. These include YouTube player, Flutter Ecommerce, Frideos flutter, etc.  In addition, since it is an end-to-end open-source platform, developers all over the world are constantly adding their work to the library, thereby increasing the structure.



Widgets are a component of the application, but not the Flutter framework; thus, there are no or minimal compatibility issues on different operating system versions. This saves massive time during mobile app testing.


Key Features


Maximizing Web Support

Umpteen versions of mobile applications can be created with the support of Flutter Web. It will be extremely beneficial for startups and mid-sized businesses as it helps to reduce the cost of creating web applications from scratch.


Desktop support for macOS

Flutter aims to invade the macOS market, enabling developers to easily create beautiful desktop applications for macOS. Flutter's strategic goal is to conquer the development market of iOS and macOS.


 Add-to-App feature

A famous fix among cross-platform development techniques, Add-to-App easily integrates the specifications collected by Flutter into apps for Android and iOS. It helps to improve the Android development workflow by integrating the Flutter module wizard directly into Android Studio.  It will enable users to write common codes in the codebase and use them on iOS and Android.


Flutter - The most preferred app development option

The free and low-cost features combine to make it a powerful and easy-to-use application development platform. Organizations with limited budgets especially can seek enormous growth through  Flutter's application development services to meet future market needs.

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