SourceCRM provides an unparalleled experience for your sales team during the sales cycle

There are 1367 Sales CRM available in the market and each one is available in the market and only 36% of the Sales Team is satisfied with what they use. If you are in this 36% or if you are trying to expand your business without even losing one lead throughout the entire journey, then this is your cup of tea. Source CRM deals with a complete walkthrough of leads from the beginning stage to the final stage of your sales journey. Wherever the journey starts from, all the business ideas and sprints you carry out can be recorded


Cost-Effective CRM to track each leads that comes in and sales that get closed

SourceCRM is a web-based cloud computing software that aids businesses in engaging existing customers and developing services for new ones. Source CRM is completely responsive and fits all devices & helps businesses to improve internal business processes and personalizes the company's external relationships. Key Features include extending your company's value across the organization through data integration, augmented customer retention loyalty, and enhanced effectiveness in responding to competition in the marketplace.

SourceCRM provides a breadth of core sales, marketing, and customer service capabilities, available via user grade experiences on a unified platform with consistent business and administrator tooling. Our on-demand CRM solution integrates all the customer-related information in your company and gives you a view of customers to understand their behaviour and needs. A web-based solution that automates your CRM operations, manages the CRM workflow and aligns your sales and marketing strategies to the organization's business goals.

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An overview of SourceCRM features

SourceCRM is cost effective, user friendly and lightweight that makes every organization accommodate their business process model very effectively.

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- Campaign Management
- Lead Collection
- Contact Administration
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- Case Handling
- Feedback Mechanism
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After Sales
- Opportunity Engagement
- Sales Stage Management
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Centralized Admin
- Manage selling process
- Customer Purchase Trials
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Contact Admin.
- Individual contact
- Business contact
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Lead Source
- Source Identification
- Source Filtering
- Lead Analysis
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Lead Capture
- Capture Information
- Lead Consolidation
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Lead Conversion
- Converted leads
- Campaign Management

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