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Security Penetration Testing

For any web or mobile app, it must protect the critical data and must maintain security and confidentiality which otherwise would negatively affect the brand image and may lead to client fall off.

In the light of the increasing number of cyber attacks and security breaches, Centre Source's automation team delivers end to end security and penetration testing services that help unearth the hidden vulnerabilities that are attached in your applications to ensure that they come with zero percentage security risks and follow standardized quality assurance features. We adhere to cutting-edge security penetration testing tools that ensure all-around cyber safety and mobile and security to boost your brand image and create trust among your existing clients and potential customers.

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Why Choose Centre Source’s Certified Ethical Hackers?

  • Easily Hire from our talented Pool of Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH)
  • Comprehensive experience of both Security Testing automation tools and security Penetration Testing tools
  • 100% testing coverage
  • Supports other leading-edge technologies & tools based on automated penetration testing open source

At Centre Source, we also specialize in offering penetration testing automation services that help you uncover the IT infrastructure vulnerabilities to prevent attempted breaches and offer protection to your systems. We deploy a group of cyber-security experts who evaluate the potential vulnerabilities that are default in your system by adhering to certain security policies.

Pen Testing or Penetration Testing automation is one of the intelligent ways of detecting the weak spots of your servers, network devices, endpoints, wireless networks, and also determines the flaws in your mobile & web apps. The results of the Pen test are passed to the network managers so that they can proceed with their remediation efforts and enhance the WAF security policies. Whatever be the mode of Penetration Testing automation we opt for, the state-of-the-art automated penetration testing tools scan the whole code in one go and expose every intrusion attempt that can bring down the whole system and poses harm to the confidential data being stored.


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