Network & Field Testing


Network & Field Testing

Network solutions safeguard your enterprises from security threats and it is critical to properly monitor and optimize network assets for delivering unwavering quality of your services. By hiring Centre Source, the top-rated network testing service provider in Kerala you get the best-in-class network testing services that efficiently manage your IT infrastructure and network solutions. Our matchless expertise in network testing services coupled with the high-end network testing tools and innovative lab facilities enable us to flawlessly evaluate the functionality and performance of your network and IT investments.

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Highlights Of Our Network Testing Services

Our highly-qualified and crack team of testers follows standardized network testing methodologies and failsafe plans to offer a comprehensive suite of network testing services that range from functional testing to load and performance validation testing techniques.

  • Time Tested and Fast-track Network Testing Approach
  • Adheres to cutting edge tools and dependable test plans
  • Stimulate the original network scenario and evaluate various challenges
  • Optimize the performance of network solutions and devices
  • Reliable and on-time reports
  • 360 degrees security and compliance

We are aware of different types of testing services available for mobile as well as web applications. Field testing is an in-house testing practice that validates the performance of your mobile application in line with 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G network connections.

The compliance between your app and the network capability is a big factor that determines the acceptability and usability of your application. We can't always restrict the use of apps under perfect network conditions. Users may use apps while traveling or while on call. For app users, their apps need to perform well at peak traffic scenarios and under unfavorable conditions.

The characteristics of our Field testing services include:

  • Field testing is done as a last stage testing
  • Uses only real mobile devices and solutions
  • Carried out on all the existing mobile networks
  • Compares the proposed network speed test result with the actual one

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