API/ Web Service Testing


API/ Web Service Testing

API testing is a basic level software testing practice that validates the basic functionality, performance, and security of Application Program Interfaces or APIs. In the layered architecture approach, APIs are defined as a set of data structures, data formats and protocols, and operations through which the end-user communicates with the system. API testing ensures the validation of code-level functionality, security, and compliance of the application. Centre Source makes use of high-end API automation testing tools for carrying out various types of API testing that come with limited testing time, expenses, and technical risks.

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Why Api/ Web Service Testing

At Centre Source, we offer a comprehensive suite of API testing services that include:

  • Validation Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • UI testing
  • Load testing
  • Runtime/ Error Detection
  • Security testing
  • Penetration testing
  • Fuzz testing

Interoperability and WS Compliance testing

How our innovative API automation testing approach guarantees better applications?

Core Functionality: Any deviation in the proposed functionality of the application is to be corrected before performing Graphical User Interface testing. With API testing code level and core level functionality are validated to make the application behave as intended.

Saves Time: With API automation testing tools, time efficiency and faster test coverage are assured.

Language Independency: Language independent data transfer modes is the specialty of API testing.

Faster Integration with GUI: New user account creation is made possible with simple integration with GUI.

If you need to validate your web services, you must go for Web service testing. When an app connected with a server is installed on a device, it is designed to offer a set of services known as web services by communicating with the help of HTTP or HTTPS protocol. Centre Source’s Web service testing team validates that APIs used by your application work as expected to offer functionality and compliance with the client’s requirements.


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