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IT Service Management & Help Desk

IT Service Management & Help Desk

IT Service Management & Help Desk

We, at Centre Source, houses an IT operations management department, which focuses on providing you with various services. Our managed services section takes care of all your IT-related services or issues with a dedicated staff at hand. With IT being one of the main pillars in business, we offer IT service management for all the ways you can maximize your IT potential. We, at Centre Source, is dedicated to you and as a way of showing you, let’s discuss the service we offer under our “managed services” wing:


IT Management Consulting

Our IT management consultants are the true decision-makers you can rely on for any kind of advice in the Information Security department. Strategize your IT department & streamline as well as fine-tune it to your daily business operations. The efficiency of business processes gets improved with the implementation of upgraded or new IT systems. Contact us to know more about managing your IT services/solutions.

IT Infrastructure Project Management

Our IT infrastructure project management division works on some unique responsibilities that help in managing infrastructure-specific-projects. These include upgrades, integrations as well as repairs. It also involves some general project management elements such as planning, execution, monitoring, and testing along with all project closures. With proper planning on business projects, high-quality products & services get developed and IT infrastructure project management helps in the process.

IT Infrastructure & Management

As discussed earlier, we focus on IT infrastructure & management, which deals with key elements required for delivering proper business services. The three categories include systems management, network management, and storage management. IT infrastructure comprises of seven major components as well, which helps with all application management processes. Contact us to know more about IT infrastructure management services.


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