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Application Management

We, at Centre Source, focus on improving your business with the aid of an apt digital experience monitoring. Digital experience monitoring Gartner: A performance as well as availability of a business monitoring discipline, which supports the optimization experience as it interacts with various enterprise applications along with services. In brief words, digital experience monitoring deals with & focuses on digital-experience-modelling, application discovery, tracing & diagnostics as well as application analytics. We, Centre Source, focus on providing you with the best tools for monitoring your business processes in this new digital age. Gartner is the pioneer in this area & we follow their philosophies for your business profitability.


End-user experience monitoring Gartner: A seamless user experience is looked upon as the best end-user experience monitoring as per Gartner. It is the most significant aspect of driving customer behavior with digital experience monitoring allowing an enterprise for optimizing all online components of their businesses. These components include digital marketing and web security among others, which utilize real user monitoring for identifying performance issues & improving processes.

Why Digital Experience Monitoring

There are mainly two types of digital experience monitoring tools. These include Synthetic Transaction Monitoring (STM) as well as Real User Monitoring (RUM). The STM focus on using behavioral scripts to eliminate the performance issues. RUM records all customer interactions from the point-of-view of a user; pretty useful for DevOps teams to work without any setbacks.

We, at Centre Source, are fully aware of the challenges of DEM: Digital Experience Monitoring. The greatest challenge includes deliverance of the best performance along with a division of responsibilities. As is known, the broad spectrum of user technology is a logistical nightmare for DevOps. The issues start with the division of iOS vs. Android & end at cellular data along with different Wi-Fi services. DEM tackles that with ease as monitoring helps with finding the right issues & treating them properly. With divided responsibilities, digital services are difficult to be unified. However, with proper DEM, this gets rectified as well. Contact us to know more.


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