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Cloud Migration

Cloud migration services are a vital cog concerning today’s business & the digital strategy used. Recently, Microsoft acquired Movere, a SaaS platform that captures, integrates, and analyzes data for making smart decisions about a business’s IT environment. Movere Microsoft works by automating the discovery, scanning as well as an apt collection of IT inventory data. Cloud migration has now become easier that enable business transformation, thanks to Movere Microsoft. We, at Centre Source, work with Movere Microsoft for simplifying all your cloud migration practices. At Centre Source, we understand the value of cloud services and how it boosts your business processes by helping it evolve in the right direction.

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Why Cloud Migration

By acquiring Movere, Microsoft has tried bridging a gap between itself & AWS (Amazon Web Services), one of the largest providers of cloud-based services including cloud-migration. However, AWS stunned Microsoft with its AWS Migration Competency program, which allows identifying, validating, and promoting AWS partners with demonstrated technical expertise & proven customer success. We, at Centre Source, understand the value of this program as well concerning cloud migration services. It is known that by attaining AWS Migration Competency, businesses can market & differentiate themselves to AWS customers. This gets done by showcasing your skills across various industries, use-cases as well as workloads.

We, Centre Source, helps you understand the benefits of both: Movere Microsoft as well as AWS Migration Competency concerning the cloud migration services. Both have their own benefits & customers can choose either based on their needs, requirements and priorities. Business organizations are of varied size & this can also be a factor while choosing the right cloud services as well as migration processes they are after. Contact us at Centre Source to know more & choose your preferred service.


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