Got An Idea?
Don’t Give Up Your Job


CS Launchpad is an initiative to provide the right space and opportunities for converting your start-up ideas into products or businesses by supporting through the early stages of setting up the right infrastructure. This is ensured by giving you access to workforce, mentors, expert advisors, consultation in legal & financial setups, capital etc all under one roof to help you nurture your ideas that give business opportunities.


WHY Launchpad

To many, starting your own business means leaving your job and your company behind. There are many other limitations that become a hindrance in pursuing your dream. But we at Centre Source recognize that you can and quite possibly should keep both. The combination teaches you more, and faster, than would otherwise be possible and enables you to custom craft a career that’s uniquely interesting and meaningful to you. This opportunity is open only to the CS Fam!

Well, we make sure the dream of becoming an entrepreneur is not just limited to the idea pitcher. Whoever takes part in executing it becomes a part of it too. Together we can build ideas for our better tomorrow !!

Of course, there are some basic challenges to overcome - making time for a side hustle, and ensuring that your new venture does not violate our company policy.


The Benefits

Assistance with business basics

Networking activities

Marketing assistance

Accounting and financial management

Initial Funding & Infrastructure support

Access to venture capitalists, business angels, mentors and strategic partner linkages

Help with raising bank finance, grants, seed and venture capital

Shared administrative or office services

Comprehensive business training

Presentation skills training

Human resource training

Legal Consultancy