Preferred Tech stack for your business website


Preferred Tech stack for your business website

Is it Wix ? Wix is easy to use, and yes, you just need your basic computer knowledge to drag and drop. If you are looking into a short website, then Wix is your go-to-website builder. Moreover Wix provides you more of an Beginner Friendly/ Flexible Website builder where even a person with the basic knowledge in operating a computer would do the job.


Single Drag and Drop functionality helps you create one single website for your Desktop and Mobile view, seamless of the metrics that every browser looks into. Major upsides of Wix starts from Extremely Customizable UI, Great responsive features with exquisite designs and easy to preview.

What if you go with Wordpress ?

Wordpress is the platform that most of the agencies and service providers use for their clients as the go-to tech stack since it has pre-defined templates and is comparatively more flexible when it comes to Design and Customization. If you have 3 to 4 hours to spend on HTML and CSS, you will be able to bring up pretty much aesthetic designs for your website.

Taking a look into the most foreseen tapered end such as Pricing and Support, you will see Wordpress outshine its competitor Wix. Pricing placement of both the systems makes a difference in user adoption.

What about Customized Tech Stack ?

When it comes to customized tech stack, the preferred stack starts from Javascript and this is the best strategy to rank your websites all across the web. There are several factors that google algorithm takes into consideration to rank a website, and one the most important among these are the web vitals.

Website is always an investment that makes your business the upfront choice to your target audience. And your business, obviously, will be having competitors.

The most important factor to consider when you launch your website is to make sure that it is your website that ranks among your competitors. And for this Optimizing your website with the keywords and implementing backlinks is paramount. Building your website with a customized tech-stack is the go-to method for your business, if you deal with a large business. If you're a solopreneur building your own brand, Wix is your best bet for a functional website at the lowest cost

If you're a small-scale with a lot of potential clients, on the other hand, WordPress should be your short-term solution. Always keep in mind that if you go ahead and build a WordPress website, it will never last.

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