Do You Need to Know Where All Over the Web Your Names Occur ?


Do You Need to Know Where All Over the Web Your Names Occur ?

Do you need to know whoever uses your same content, names or let it be any text. Now there are options. You will get notified whenever your name or a particular text is used anywhere. Today is all about passive SEO and Brand Monitoring, rather than trying to search for outreach prospects, whether that is for collaborations, links, guest posting opportunities and you can get them email to you without outlifting your fingers.


And the same goes for other marketing opportunities too. Google alert is a very simple tool to use. Any time a web page matches a search query but there are three things you need to know about google alerts.

The first one: If you don't use google search engines, your inbox will be flooded with irrelevant messages.

Furthermore: Google will not send content that has already been published 

To add more: Google will not send you every page in the index

The ability to receive notifications from blogs where you can join or collaborate is one of the most valuable aspects of Google Alert. The 'intitle' operator can be used to receive periodical updates about your topic of study. To expand your results, use more 'intitle' parameters in your search.

Google alerts always help you lead the competition by providing you the advantage of comprehending the information that you need to win against your competitor. This feature also comes in handy for content marketers and journalists to understand what is happening around the digital world. Alert and Notifications will be directly sent to your inbox.

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