5 Fingers of Social Media Handles


5 Fingers of Social Media Handles

Social Media is one and only thing all people use at the same time.


Social media can be the infinity stones for your Business. The Five stones in social media represents

● Pinterest

● Instagram

● Facebook

● LinkedIn

● E-mail


Pinterest is the new Instagram. It provides a free outreach for your brand name. Free Email outreach that showcases new designs in pinterest always gives an advantage. All your new designs and posts will be e-mailed to your target audience. 
With Instagram comes the audience who really loves your brand, this is the place that should be focused on and create quirky contents.

Creating a content strategy and Social Media analysis gives you the perfect plan for your audience. This strategy drives more audience for your brand and in turn these audiences can be filtered out for a free consultation. This consultation is the pitch that introduces your brand and persuades the person to opt for your service. 

Facebook is the tool that takes your business to a huge number of audiences. Gen Y is obsessed with facebook and spends approximately 4hrs a day consuming contents across facebook. This should be a tool that your business should leverage and find a space in their head with creative and attractive advertisements. 

LinkedIn is purely for B2B business owners and especially in a tech industry this is the preferred path for your business to grow. LinkedIn is the platform that always has active users from all the industries. 

LinkedIn has evolved from a job-hunting website to a complete social media platform that professionals use even when they aren't looking for employment, with 740 million active members. As a result, having a complete LinkedIn content strategy is critical, especially if your company is B2B.

Getting your linkedin connections to share your contents should be the first step and for this to be done, you must hold valuable connections. These connections should be made as part of your family. 

With inbound marketing, it's all about solving a problem for your potential customers, and being available when they need help is a big part of that. Hopefully not creepily, like though you're standing behind their back, keeping a safe distance but showing your willingness to assist. That is why LinkedIn is such a valuable resource for B2B businesses. 

If you're on LinkedIn, you're probably already thinking about business. It's a place where you can market your product or service without having to compete with memes, which was a letdown.

Let's talk about how to create content that is platform-appropriate. 
It’s all about knowing what and why does your audience find a certain problem annoying and why is it a problem in the first place. This problem must be figured out and solved to be the organization you always wanted to be. 

Now comes the E-mail, which is the most saturated part yet powerful. Email gives you the privilege to talk with your customers on an one-to-one basis. This one on one meeting should be leveraged to bring values for your clients.

Providing values for your audience and clients is the best way to generate revenue and bring in more clients for your business.

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