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Each business needs a strategy that must stand out in the digital environment. All social media handles these days are saturated and the only way to stand above this saturated content is to push meaningful content that helps your audience take action and overcome their difficulties. Each and every brand has a vision and releases their contents aligned with their brand vision, still some social media pages and find their way to top hard.

This is where the business owner and the content team miss the metrics that influence their social media growth. The most important metrics that are to be taken care of when you are into the social media business are 


The reach of your social media post really matters when it comes to the calculation of growth rate. Each and every audience you target will perceive your content differently and this plays a major role in defining your content strategy layout. Every Social Media works on algorithms and these algorithms define whether your post is to be taken to a wider audience or ashed to your follower's list. Hosting content to raise engagement among the audience and frequent lives will increase the trust between you and your follower, which will make them listen to your content and in turn resulting in reach for your posts. 


Each and every post needs to be a touchpoint, a point that persuades any person to click the link and get into your funnel. The Click-through rate solely depends on the quality of the content that is being pushed. Better quality posts help people overcome their problems and turn them into loyal fans of your Social Media page. The standard conversion rate of a funnel lies between 3% to 5% and the posts you have on your feed play a major role in influencing the conversion rate to reach the best potential of 5%. This will stand as the first emotional touchpoint that draws the attention of the person swiping through social media. 


‘The perks of your campaign determine the quality of your results, we all love seeing something that we can resonate with, that too in a way that is not presented before. This must be the creative strategy of each campaign. The way you engage with each post is put down to calculate the engagement rate of your creative by social media algorithms and this is where the magic happens. If the algorithm finds out your creativity to be engaging enough, the post is pushed to a wider audience organically. Finding out what is in the trending list and sharing it with the right audience blended with creativity helps the post to reach a wider audience and this will also receive an engagement


Conversion is the last milestone in any business and the critical one too. The king in any funnel is the conversion rate. The more conversions it is, the more lucrative the campaign is. Testimonials backed with high-quality results with a minimum investment increase the trust between the viewer and your social media page. Quality results from your campaigns come by invoking trust in your audience and this can be cooked by providing better quality content and results blended with strong testimonials. Providing free e-books and limited coupon codes can tremendously increase the conversion rate

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