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Serverless Architecture

Serverless Architecture

Serverless Architecture

Serverless computing architecture is the new norm that gets developed by fully incorporating third-party & cloud-hosted applications as well as services for managing the server-side logic & state. These get to run in stateless compute containers, which are event-triggered. The services such as these were referred to as “Backend-as-a-Service” or BaaS. The event-triggered third-party applications get thought of as “Functions-as-a-Service” or FaaS. An example of FaaS includes AWS Lambda.

With these functions, business enterprises can compute or develop a serverless application architecture. We, at Centre Source, works with this serverless application architecture that benefit businesses in creative ways.

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An application that got developed based on serverless architecture is the cloud serverless architecture. Herein, the cloud-based code execution model gets used by cloud-providers for dealing with servers & computing resource management. Thus the applications get deployed automatically into the cloud by vendors; a brilliant way of the application deployment process. 

From there on, the cloud functions architecture takes over, where the application is maintained properly & used for further functions including data-analysis as well as other processes. We, at Centre Source, helps businesses to deal with serverless architecture as well as its functions & applications. Serverless applications are quite cost-effective. Businesses can get their work done at a lower cost than normal.

The benefits of serverless computing architecture, as well as cloud serverless architecture, are as follows. Servers need physical machines whereas serverless applications work from containers by utilizing their operational ability. The backend gets scaled on demand in the case of serverless architecture. It is easy to maintain & is ideal for all application deployment & maintenance services. Testing of whole containers that houses these serverless applications is quite easy compared to these apps themselves. FaaS gets used as a serverless function and hence, it is easy to develop serverless-architecture that simplifies the cloud-based application deployment processes. Contact us to know more.

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