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Centre Source, a well known fitness app development company in Kerala with proficiency in developing digital fitness and wellness solutions that helps boost business prospects and enhance app visibility. Whether you’re looking for a gym workout tracker app, fitness tracker app, diet & nutrition app, personal trainers, or an app for yoga centres, we’ve got it all covered!

Reap the benefits of custom fitness app solutions
In today's world, mobile apps are more like the weapons in your businesses that make way to expand business, increasing members’ reach, retention, engagement etc. Mobile apps have also entered the fitness world. In fact, most fitness centers have realized the relevance of these apps for multiplying their ROI and achieving the heights of success. It’s quite evident that the new generation is obsessed about fitness and health. In this aspect, the world of fitness is experiencing rapid growth and each business is trying to get a better hold on opportunities. If you are also looking forward to success in this industry, you must create an impactful mark possible only with a fully functional mobile app. Therefore, you can connect with the most trusted fitness app development company in India to incorporate all of those features that will help you to reach, retain, and engage the customer. This will also improve your brand acquisition in this competitive market.

Fitness app development solutions for next health revolution

Home Workout and exercise app development

For the people who don't have the time and desire to go to the gym or fitness classes, these workout apps are the most convenient solution for them. In addition to providing a set of exercises, apps create or adapt their training plans. Being the best fitness app development services in India, we develop hi-tech home workout apps that let users never miss their workout. The apps also provide pre-stored video demonstrations and audio guidance for personalized workout plans. Our seasoned app developers use highly advanced technologies during fitness app development to ensure that the app meets its targeted users’ expectations and help boost your ROI.
Yoga & Meditation App Development
In the fast paced life, the need for technology, such as yoga and meditation mobile apps, to reduce everyday pressures and improve our mental health are becoming more and more desirable. Due to pandemic-related alienation and stress among the global population will be fueling the need for such apps even more. Hence it has resulted in thriving market revenues as well. We design and create Meditation and Yoga apps providing utmost attention to the user. To ensure that the yoga and meditation apps from the best fitness app development company in india, stand out from the competitors, we integrate exclusive and highly demanded features that also help in making the application a top download on the App Store and Play Store and popular among your targeted audience.

Nutrition and Diet Planner App Development
Nowadays, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is quite a trend. People are extremely conscious about their eating habits, and indulge in monitoring their diet with nutrition and diet tracking apps. Centre Source, being the best fitness app development company in india houses excellent expertise in nutrition and diet planner app development. We develop apps that can provide fully customized diet planner features to let your users plan their diet as per their fitness goals. It also helps fulfill their body’s nutritional requirements and also contributes to maintaining their fitness. To make your fitness app one of a kind, we add advanced features like fitness tracking, calculating food nutritional value, daily meal suggestions, calorie consumption tracking, and much more.

Personal Fitness Trainer App Development
Today more and more people are health conscious and try the best measures to stay in good shape and health and also ensure to have a good immunity system. A good workout session keeps you in shape, health and is also a catalyst in boosting immunity. And this way, fitness apps are constantly growing at a tremendous rate. This is why several businesses in this arena have embraced the concept of mobile apps and getting their apps developed to serve their audience better. The idea behind fitness trainer app type is to offer an exercise customized for each user. Here the users need to choose a level of complexity and a set of exercises they like. Being the best fitness app development company in Kochi, our developers come with an expertise to develop applications using the potential of artificial intelligence, machine learning and other top technologies. Our apps come up with audio and video instructions, tutorials, and other exceptional features that ensure people are correctly doing exercises and help people to set & achieve their fitness goals and track & monitor their fitness.

The Must Have Features in Fitness App
One on one Video Coaching
The best Fitness app development company in Kochi comes with advanced features that lets your customers have one on one video coaching and goal setting with a trained coach along with hundreds of them working out at the same time. With a one-on-one video coaching facility, users are able to get trained in a better way, with customized and specific videos for their consumption.
Food & Fitness Tracker
Keeping a Track of  your food intake and keeping a check on your fitness is easy with health and fitness apps. The fitness tracker app development company in Kochi provides smart tracking features specially designed for the weight watchers like recording your meals, physical activities, water intake, and weight by posting customizable sticky note-style entries on your calendar and so on.
Payment Gateway Integration
Fitness application development is not in complete use if you do not have a payment gateway integrated. A payment gateway service allows the users to purchase fitness programmes or subscriptions safe and secure. It allows your users to make payments through their cards, wallets and online
Push Notifications 
Push notifications are always a plus and a chosen option for the health and fitness app developers. As the best fitness app developing company in Kochi, we add push notifications in an effective way that helps bring back inactive users. Push notifications can be used to send users personalized offers, like discounts, thoughtful reminders, as well as news about the fitness app. They are the daily alerts which can be kept on a weekly and monthly basis too.  
Social Media Integration  
As the top AI powered fitness app developers in Kochi, we treat social media integration as an imperative factor. Social Media Integration gives your mobile app easy access to various social media platforms. The users can easily upload and share the app content on their respective social media accounts. It not only allows them to share the information but also markets the fitness app to a crowd of new and potential users. It allows social media channels to act as an extension of your existing branding & marketing efforts.  
Geo Location Integration  
Being the top AI powered fitness app developers in Kerala we ensure the apps are equipped with tools that aim to make life easier for your users. With geolocation integration we help your users to monitor the directions and routes while driving or walking towards your fitness club or yoga centres etc. The experienced fitness app developers will help get you through this process.  
Customized Fitness Plans
Fitness apps developed by the top fitness app development company in Kochi helps its users to create a personalized fitness plan for a powerful fitness routine.  It also enables the fitness trainers to develop customized and targeted fitness plans for their clients, based on their body types, lifestyle, weight, and more.
Real-Time Chat With Trainers
In a time where there is an app for almost everything, it’s an absolute necessity to start using technology to take your personal training business to the next level. Whether you’ve just started your journey in the fitness industry or you’ve been into the business for a while or you’re a certified personal trainer, finding the best ways to communicate with your clients is essential. As the best fitness app development company in Kerala, we incorporate a seamless messaging system, wherein trainers and users can have real-time communication and get real-time assistance.

What Makes Our Fitness App Development Service Stand Out 

Being a reliable fitness app development company in Kochi, We are an industry leader in designing and launching engaging, intuitive, and highly advanced fitness apps that have all the features and functionalities that a fitness enthusiast wants.

We provide advanced and feature-rich health & fitness apps that become helpful for many physicians, dieticians, trainers, and nutritionists to deliver efficient services to their clients. Fitness clubs, gyms or yoga centers can thrive with the help of a customized, seamlessly-performing app

Our exceptionally experienced mobile app developers develop unmatched fitness apps with an array of features using the advanced app development technology. 

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AI Powered Fitness Application

Innovative AI products have revolutionized the fitness industry in recent years. Fitness applications empowered with AI functions are finding exceptional demand among consumers as well. As AI can give intelligent solutions to wellness and fitness-related issues, many gyms and fitness centres are leveraging the benefits of AI app development to attract more people. This trend has opened the doors of new opportunities for AI in a thriving global fitness technology market.

As the top AI powered fitness app developers in Kochi, our apps are equipped with super advanced features that take the fitness app experience to a whole new level. It contributes to a range of processes including marketing strategies, day-to-day activity schedules, and user experiences like personalized workout plans or diet recommendations based on data entered by users (their height, weight, goals, etc.). Usually, after users enter their basic personal data, the algorithm chooses the best-suited plan for them. It also considers users’ current fitness levels, food habits as well as sync data from external devices. 

Benefits of AI Technology in Fitness Apps

Diet Planning

AI adds more value to customized diet and nutrition apps. As the best AI powered fitness app developers in Kochi, we implement AI driven features that help the users in meal planning or giving dieting instructions, diet planning apps etc to take good care of their diet for maintaining good health through AI-based diet and nutrition apps
Human Pose Simulation 

This functionality is similar to the facial recognition technique. The only difference is that the entire human body is covered for checking the posture and analyzing. As renowned AI powered fitness app developers in India, we use features like Human pose simulation that helps analyze the body positions and also help users to do exercises and workouts with the right posture in a tailored fitness app development. 

Wearable Integration

One of the most trending applications of AI in fitness is its integration into wearable devices. Being the best AI powered fitness app developers in Kochi, we use AI technology for analysing the available data. With an AI integration on wearables, it is possible to detect irregular heartbeats in advance and reduce the risk of a stroke or cardiac arrest etc. it will also offer more personalized suggestions and build a complete health profile of the users. 

Personal Training Apps

With the power of AI technologies, the best AI powered fitness app developers in Kochi build fitness applications that can tailor exclusive workout plans for each user. All the user has to do is enter the required details, such as body measurements, their current fitness level, their fitness goals, and more. These apps can also act as AI-based personal trainers by checking workouts and correcting the users if they are doing it right. 

Performance Improvement

As the best AI powered fitness app development company in Kochi, we integrate various fitness gadgets and wearables to help fitness conscious people and amateurs. When AI-based features are integrated into customized fitness apps, fitness companies can attract more people toward their services and improve their sales. Our features like AI-based chatbots also provide a humanlike and unmatched customer experience to the app. AI-based features provide actionable insights that help make informed decisions in real-time.

Our Customer First Approach

Use design thinking, agile development methodologies and new intelligent technologies. 

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