We believe that the first step towards building your brand’s presence is through a professional and well-thought-out design. Your brand design plays a major role in not just building your business, but also communicating your ideas or message to your potential customer.

Our professional design services have helped brands and businesses across the country own unique and noteworthy recognition, while also attracting the right audience to deliver the effective results to meet your every objective.


Gone are the days when marketing was only about the communication of the product or business to the consumers.Today, it drives the external and internal activities of any type of business,thereby creating the need for it to be dealt with a highly strategic and effective approach in order to stay on top of the game.

Let us at Centre Source support you by developing effective Print and Digital marketing strategies that capture your purpose, your marketing KPI’s and the right kind of audience you want to attract.


Centre Source is not just about developing websites that look aesthetically appealing and also provides multifunctional tools to help businesses and brands across India and outside, grow and prosper at it’s best.

In an era where even the most normal things are going digital, no brand or business should remain at the backseat.  Getting started with a website, not just as a marketing platform, but as an easy and effective point of contact as well, in order to engage with customers.

Branding and Corporate Identity

Logo Design
Business card, letterhead to your email signature.
Corporate identity guide

Print and Web Advertisements

Designing advertisements for magazine, newspaper, billboards and other print media.
Web advertisements for websites and other electronic media.

Sales Collaterals

PowerPoint presentation
Sales document design and layout
Internal document design and layout

Marketing Collaterals

Brochures & direct mail
Newsletters, Mailers and leaflets
Exhibition concepts and stand design
Promotional gifts and branded clothing

Packaging Design

Product Package Design
Labels Design
Shipping Logistics Design
Design Boxes and Cartons Design


Mobile app design
Website and web app design,
Smart TVs & Wearables
Internet of Things
Product scope, Prototyping
User experience reviews
Digital product design

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing strategy
Social profile creation
Social media management


On-Page and Off-page
SEO Technical and Organic SEO
Search Engine Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy
Creative Content
Content Promotion

Website Development

Website development and programming
Database development
Knowledge management
Intranet and extranet
Third party integration E-commerce
Market Place Development

Mobile App Development

Android, iOS and Windows Platform
Native and Hybrid Development

Content Management System (CMS) website

CMS website platform to manage your own content
CMS development and programming
CMS customization

Virtual Reality

Industrial VR solutions
Retail VR solutions
Immersive experience apps
360 degree video Integration

Augmented Reality

Make interactive and compelling user apps
Develop attractive AR visualizations for your audience
Augmented Reality apps and installations for iOS, Android and Windows
Innovative and creative AR services with high quality solutions

Why work with us?

Be it thinking of a new brand strategy or staying ahead of competitions, our creative minds help you break the rules and re-invent the game.

We believe in creativity
Everyone has a creative side. We believe in thinking out of the box with ideas that are unique and inspiring.

We have put together a team for Centre Source that has the sharpest minds in each field of support that your business requires. Be it technical knowledge, problem-solving, attention to details, innovation, and creativity; our team excels in it all complimenting each other’s abilities to give your business the push that it needs.

We believe in quality
Quality matters more than quantity any day. While you focus on the numbers, we help you inculcate quality as a habit for your long term success.

Your business’ most valuable assets are the relations it makes on the way, that is why we invest our time and effort in establishing and maintaining productive business relations with our clients that bring you value and success.

We believe in relationship
The employment relationship is a legal link between employers and employees. Here at Centre Source, we believe in mutual reliance. In doing so, we keep the business running smoothly.