Functional & User Acceptance Testing


Functional & User Acceptance Testing

Only thoroughly tested software guarantees quality, performance, and reliability. Functional & user acceptance testing are the two crucial steps in the product development lifecycle. No matter what functionality does each application offer, developers must assure that it has clean codes and must satisfy the demands of the end-user.


Functionality or usability testing is a type of black box testing which ensures that the specific functionality requirements that are initially conveyed by the users are met. If the functional requirements are not satisfied, the system will not work as intended. Hence, functional requirements can be defined as the basic operations of a system that are documented and handed over to the development team prior to the creation of a software application. Centre Source is a reputed name in the Kerala IT industry having a skillful and well-qualified functional & user acceptance testing team of testers who have the ability to think critically and analytically.

Why Functional & User Acceptance Testing

Starting with System testing, a software application passes through a series of Quality Assurance testing procedures. This is a final level of testing that evaluates whether the system fulfills the real-world requirements so that the end-user will wholeheartedly accept the performance of the system. Centre Source’s talented and well-trained UAT functional testing experts involve users in testing the application, which is proactively evaluated by our in-house functional & user acceptance testing team. UAT functional testing is a collaborative effort of clients, testers, and end-users (business users). An application will successfully pass through the UAT functional testing phase only if there exist better communication and collaboration between the parties initiating the testing process.

There is no doubt that the user expects the system to work as they want. Being an experienced functional & user acceptance team, our clients can expect some exceptional services that make us stand out from the rest.

  • Proper Test Plan and Management
  • Involvement of the clients and users
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Timely Project Reports
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