The healthcare department together constitutes the most integral part of our society. It is a service-oriented sector where people work for the welfare of the citizens. Sometimes, in an effort to save the lives of the patients, the healthcare professionals are forced to put their own lives at risk. Such instances come to the fore especially in those scenarios where a contagious disease is spiralling out of control. 

The prominence of telemedicine has surged in this uncertain scenario where the threat posed by the pandemic still looms large. The remote delivery of healthcare services is made possible with the help of the all-important Telemedicine App.

Mobile app for telemedicine allows healthcare providers to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients by avoiding an in-person visit. By making effective use of the app, the patients can communicate with physicians from their homes by using their own personal technology or by visiting a dedicated telehealth kiosk.

Mobile app for telemedicine has been a great boon to both the patients as well as the healthcare professionals. Countless doctors, nurses and other professionals are able to consult their patients quickly with the help of the app. In addition to assessing the patients, the app also makes it possible for the healthcare professionals to suggest suitable medical prescriptions. Hence by relying solely on the app, the healthcare professions can offer critical support to the patients by averting the threat. 

This scenario has turned the spotlight towards all the finest Telemedicine App Development companies that could deliver to the needs of the clients with absolute perfection. 

By offering custom-made telemedicine software development services, Centre Source has played a major part in transforming the way patients and healthcare providers communicate to each other by relying on emerging technologies.

Tele Medical Consultation - At the Centre of it all

Centre Source has made its mark as an app development company in a short span of time. In recent years, the proficient team of developers have successfully developed many apps that have been of great use to all those who were relegated to their homes due to the pandemic.

The most noteworthy among those is undoubtedly the telemedicine app which attempts to effectively bridge the gap between the healthcare providers and the patients. 

Our custom-made apps include a plethora of features that cater to the requirements of the industry that has been growing rapidly with time.

The meticulously developed app encompasses and in the process simplifies all the complicated tasks from booking the appointment to maintaining the patient's records. 

It is of immense help to patients who belong to remote locations or are homebound. It provides them access to quality healthcare from the comfort of their own homes. 

The remarkable time and effort spent by the app developers on Telemedicine software development have paved the way for patient centred approaches such as timeliness of care. With the help of an app, patients can address healthcare issues quickly with real-time urgent care consultations and learn about treatment options within minutes.

Telemedicine software development has truly come into the spotlight in the adverse scenario where people are skeptical to move out of their homes even during the times of medical emergencies. It is here that the apps that strictly comply with the medical and healthcare regulatory standards set by HIPPA , HHS and ONC-ATCB turn out to be extremely useful for the normal citizens.

As a committed Telemedicine App Development company, we are truly committed in our efforts to develop seamless mobile experiences for our customers that can pave the way for effective, hassle-free communication. 

When it comes to Mobile app development for tele medical consultation, it is of absolute importance to consider all the security and privacy issues. We can vouchsafe for the fact that we have been extremely strict when it comes to maintaining the confidential information shared by the users. 

The all-encompassing app

Leaving the Telemedicine software development to the experts, we have taken rapid strides as a Telemedicine App Development company. The telemedicine app is a testament to the same.

Equally beneficial for both the patients and doctors, our telemedicine app development solutions attempts to streamline the workflow of the healthcare industry. Following  are some of the exclusive features inherent in the app. 

Features for patients

Booking appointments

This is an important feature that enables the patients to book an appointment with the doctor of their choice at the time of their convenience. It also provides patients all the necessary details about the availability of the doctors. With the help of the feature, the user can view the profiles of the doctors before booking an appointment.

Video conferencing

Doctors mostly conduct initial observations through video chat and hence its quality is of absolute importance.  Proper diagnosis and therapeutic accuracy rely on good connection and clear picture quality.

Built-in chat

Patients can make effective use of the secured in-built chat to contact a doctor in the case of an urgent query or to get a second consultation. They can also make use of it to clear the doubts regarding prescribed medications.

Cloud-based e-record storage

After establishing the accounts, the patients can access the e-medical records that contain all the information related to them, including medical data and history of communication.

Medication tracker

The app stores all prescriptions that a doctor writes and sends notifications to remind patients to take their medicine.


Telemedicine applications are designed for patients to avoid long travel. So By geolocation feature patients will get directions and time of travel to the nearby hospitals.

Features for Doctors

This feature will help Doctors to update their schedules based on their availability. It is a vital feature that is of utmost importance to both the doctors as well as the patients.

Live video calls
This is extremely helpful for the doctors as it enables them to examine patients more precisely. This enables them to diagnose from a distance with absolute ease. 

Digital prescriptions
With the help of the feature, the doctors can prescribe drugs through the app. These prescriptions may be used by patients to buy medicine or to obtain other health services at medical facilities.
EMR Review
This feature allows the doctors to verify the complete medical history of a patient before the consultation. They can also add new information to it.
It is an extremely useful feature as it reminds patients about the appointment they missed out on. It alerts them on upcoming schedules. It ensures that the patients do not miss out on anything. 

Transactions and pay out
Doctors can check their earnings and transactions within the app. This gives a clear picture of the doctor’s daily earnings and the number of transactions done.
When it comes to communication in between apps, it is important to consider all the security and privacy issues. This particular feature aids the process.

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