The scenario has changed vastly for both the big and small companies across the globe ever since the dastardly pandemic wreaked havoc. As the threat is yet to subside, a large number of employees prefer to work from the comfort of their cozy homes. This has made the management part slightly more complex and demanding for the human resource departments of the companies. They now have an additional task of tracking the attendance as well as the work schedule of employees who are not physically present in the office. 

In short, the whole process of employee attendance tracking has turned out to be an exceedingly complicated one for the companies with a large number of employees continuing to work from homes for a long period of time. Few companies were even compelled to tweak their HR policies as the WFH scenario started to affect the production levels .

On understanding the need for an app to solve the mounting complexities, the highly experienced team of Centre Source worked diligently to bring to the fore an all-encompassing Employee Attendance Tracking app that  resolves all the difficulties faced by the HR department in the current scenario.

Superior and user-friendly, our  employee attendance tracking app helps the companies keep regular track of all the employees who prefer to work remotely. It will grant access to the work schedule of each employee and help the supervisors keep track of each of their employees.

Acting as a software for employee attendance, the employee attendance tracking app will enable the employees to mark their attendance from even the remotest of areas. Further, the employees can apply for leaves with the help of the app. The supervisor can also assign employees the essential work tasks  through the app. Each and every information, including the shift management can be accessed by the employees through the app.

An array of benefits for the taking

Every organization wants its employees to be highly productive. Earlier, supervision of employees was an arduous task that required the services of a separate team and numerous gadgets. 

But our employee attendance tracking app will help you get rid of all such complexities. The software for employee attendance integrated into these apps will enable you to set schedules. This will help you keep a track on the work schedule of your employees.

The meticulously designed employee attendance tracking app is of great use to both the employers and the employees in various ways. This will enable the employees to keep a track of the work that has been assigned for the day. 

It avoids all unnecessary confusions and helps employees work remotely without needless delays. It is all the more important for the employer too as they can oversee the tasks of employees without fail. By keeping a track of their daily work schedule, the employees can assess the productivity of each and every one of their employees. 

Serving numerous industries

The employee attendance tracking app caters to customer-centric mobility solutions of clients belonging to various sectors. It will help them enhance their business. By enabling you to skilfully and tactfully manage your large workforce, we help you encase your customers. Helping businesses to flourish like never before, our efforts are similar to that of the mobility solution providers.

Here are some of the industries our employee attendance tracking
 dutifully caters to:-

Security Management Services
Facility Management Services

Incredible App, Impressive Features

Single platform for various needs

Software for employee attendance makes it possible for the businesses to track and manage  the whole employee attendance information through a single platform. Allowing access to data at anytime from anywhere, it is a foolproof time and attendance system that allows businesses to record real-time employee data, calculate the number of working hours and manage emergency leaves.

Simplifying Remote Employee Monitoring

It wholly simplifies the task of remote employee monitoring. The time tracking tools and employee payroll modules integrated into  employee attendance tracking app help businesses maintain an accurate record of a team's activity for security and productivity while automating payroll processing. Further, it also ensures secured document sharing, reporting, and compliance management by offering protection against data breaches.

Flexible Shift Management

Our employee attendance tracking app comes with a special shift management feature that gives employers the option to create and customize multiple shifts in minutes. This is of great benefit to the employees as they now have the luxury to choose the shift that is of convenience to them and also make requests at the time of emergencies. You can ensure the efficiency and smooth functioning of your business by creating appropriate work schedule for the employees.

Overtime Duty Tracking

This is a pivotal feature within the software for employee attendance that accurately manages to identify and monitor the extra time spent by employees on their work. This will enable the employers to identify the employees who are packed with work. With the help of data, the employers can reassign the work by effectively managing the workload between them. It will go a long way in maintaining the harmonious equation between the employees. 

Timesheet Management

The biometric time attendance system gets rid of the tedious paperwork involved in the manual employee timesheet management system which includes a lot of updating of complex spreadsheets. It eliminates administrative workload and manual entry errors in recording the start and end date of tasks. This helps you accurately maintain the employee work hours and generate bills for work done by them.

Generating Time Attendance Reports

The employee attendance tracking app helps you generate a variety of reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis for each employee. By resorting to the filter options, you can customize your reports and refine the search based on duration, departments, locations, shifts, and more. It helps you assess the detailed information about employees’ log-in and log-out times, payable days, shifts, etc.

Geo Fencing

This feature empowers managers and supervisors to record the attendance of employees and workers from any location on the planet at any time. It makes it possible for employers to track the route travelled by the workers in real-time.

Comprehensive Solution for all types of organizations

Managing the time-attendance schedule for multiple departments, sections, designations and grades has been a difficult challenge for each and every organization. Automating such tasks is a difficult ask indeed. But our highly flexible employee attendance tracking makes it possible for various types of organizations.

Integration with Payroll

It is at times extremely difficult to ensure the accuracy of the payroll system. The Time-Attendance solution our software for employee attendance offers ultimately saves a lot of time and money of all organizations. It can be integrated easily with ERP, Payroll, HRMS, Active Directory, Tally and other applications. Various methods such as database to database, application programming interface and offline export can be used for integration.

Our Customer First Approach

Use design thinking, agile development methodologies and new intelligent technologies. 

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