One App that connects all your stakeholders - Buyers, Sellers, and Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Buyers

Real estate apps from the best real estate app development company provides you a variety of real estate services on the go. We help you with solutions revolving around your property buyers bringing the whole property buying and selling process easy and effortless. From searching homes, looking for a commercial property to house the business, to looking up current value of the properties, we give all the solutions at their fingertips. We give them the ability to use location maps, AR/VR technology to take a property tour.

Real Estate Company or Sellers

As the best real estate app development company in Kochi, we help sellers, landlords, real estate companies and property managers benefit from the apps as they can post details of their listings and  make the process of property transactions easy. Our apps are designed in a way that makes it easy for buyers, sellers, realtors, real estate companies and investors to find each other quickly and conveniently. We offer a different set of features in our mobile solution for real estate companies renting or selling their properties. It earns best for home selling because of its clever blend of innovative technology balanced by timely and customized human interaction to help the deal close swiftly and keep the buyer’s and seller’s stress levels to a minimum.
Real Estate Aggregators
Being a real estate aggregator is exciting, interesting, and potentially very lucrative. A go-getter can make the most of leads, seize opportunities, and are able to sell, and  the rewards can also be huge. However, whether you’re a roaring success or just getting by, one can start to crumble under pressure if they aren’t supported by great workflows that make life easier. As the best real estate app development company in Kochi, the steps we follow to develop real estate apps make the app easy to integrate with your website. We offer numerous services that make your job effortless as an aggregator like - property image/video display, property listing submission, and individual payment processing.

Real Estate App Development Features

Some of the standard features offered by the best real estate app development company in our real estate mobile applications

Sign In/Sign Up
Appointment with Agent/Broker
Listing+ Photos
Live Chat
Vendor Management
Lead Management
Mark as Favourite
 Number of Property Views
User-friendly Interface
Map Integration
 Property Detail
 Property Listing
 Email/Push Notification System
 Buy/Sale/Rent Tabs
 Appointment Reminder
 Contact Buyer/Seller
 Earning Management
 Similar Property Suggestion
 Address Suggestion Box
Agent/Broker Ratings
 Live Chat/Help
 Project Management
 Project Reporting
 Vendor Management
 Property Booking
 Real Estate CRM Integration
 Lead Management
 Currency Converter

Real estate app development Solutions to your needs

Centre Source, being the leading and one of the best real estate app development companies in Kochi, develops robust, scalable mobile apps for real estate. We ensure post-delivery support, which includes software upgrades, design updates, and new device compatibility.

Property management apps

 Being the best real estate app developers in Kochi, we develop apps that makes property management alot easier, it helps access a real-time view of your property and associated features with our real estate app development and spend less time looking for information. It will also provide a platform to handle all of their property management tasks in one place.

Lead Management Solutions

Our real estate app development solutions store and nurture potential leads, analyze each of them, convert them into prospects, and drive ROI. The best app development company in Kerala has developed solutions specifically meant for the use of brokers and real estate businesses, our lead management solution makes it easy for the stakeholders to find the information they’re looking for. With property, demographic, mortgage data, you can easily get what you need, when you need it to target more leads.

Rental apps

The biggest market for real estate is with rental properties. As the best real estate mobile app development company in Kochi, we can help you build a real estate app that allows users to find rental properties based on several parameters.  The app will enable you to showcase the best features of the unit without taking up too much time. It helps you simplify the process of renting apartments, automates the paying of rents, and reduces paperwork seamlessly.

B2B/B2C Property Agents Apps

As the best real estate app development company in Kerala, we help empower businesses with invincible B2B and B2C agent apps that minimize challenges and offer faster, secure, and connected operational capabilities for assured growth. Our seasoned developers enable geotagging and metadata so that your potential customers can find properties quickly & access all the right information.

CRM Solutions

We understand that Real estate is all about building trust, 82% of new property sales are referrals from either existing contacts, previous clients, family, friends, or relatives. Moreover, when it comes to real estate businesses, selling or buying is a long process, with many follow-ups and re-negotiations. Real estate CRM software is a system that helps manage relationships between buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, developers, and financial institutions and cater to the multiple requirements of real estate agents and real estate firms. As the best real estate app developers in india, we build unique and robust real estate CRM solutions.

Mobile App Consultation

A great app idea alone is not good enough. If you have a brilliant idea, they need to be combined with a solid strategy that helps you understand your market before you even begin to promote your application. As the best real estate app development company in india we provide expert opinion on the viability and profitability of your app ideas, we give you our team of real estate app developers to consult with. The team will assist you with knowing your app prospects and would offer concrete suggestions on how you can improve your app features.

 Why invest in real estate app development

In the age of the internet, whatever may be the business, technology plays an important role in expanding its outreach to more and more potential customers. If any business fails to adopt the latest technology, it cannot sustain for longer.  Real estate is not an exception! Here we brief you on various reasons for investing in app development.

Extends Business Reach

The modern world has become heavily app-dependent and businesses of all shapes and sizes use mobile apps to gain more growth and multiply customer reach. Having a mobile app for your real estate business will provide more exposure in the market. As one of the top real estate app developers in Kochi, india, we will help you with a feature rich app that will help your potential buyers to find the suitable properties just by installing an app on their phones. Not only this, the sellers can list their properties on your app, and buyers can easily view them. This will help them in connecting with each other in a better way.

Fix Deals Faster
A high quality real estate app allows real estate agents to provide better support to clients. The real estate app will bridge the gap between the property sellers and buyers. Our seasoned developers in the best real estate app development company in Kochi, kerala will help you develop a seamlessly working app that will heIp with information about real estate such as location, property details, images, etc. that can be shared effortlessly, clear your prospective buyer’s doubts regarding buying and selling properties and current trends.  Instead of potentially searching other platforms, the user gets all the information at one place. This ease in the process helps manage operations of the business and fosters a positive image of the agency. which will facilitate the fast decision process. This will get translated into fixing instant deals and making your prospective client become a potential customer.

Delivers Superior User Experience
Delivering unmatched experience to your users is easier with a supremely designed real estate mobile app. As the best real estate app development agency in india we develop superbly designed apps that inculcate all the technical properties of real estate including the property details, embedded pictures, location details, legal status and so on. The comprehensive information offered in the app helps the user make a highly informed decision. Also, if the push notification is included in the app, it alerts the user about all the latest information in the real estate property he/she is interested in.
Enhance Your Brand Presence
Traditional search or even searching on a desktop computer for the required information is a thing of the past. Investing in a good mobile app for real estate marketing will provide long-term business benefits and help to target audiences looking for products/services more accurately than most traditional methods. As one of the renowned and best real estate app development company in india, we help you target your potential customers who are actively searching for the properties. You can also integrate social media to increase your reach amongst your target audience.

A common platform for buyers and sellers
The feature rich real estate mobile app from the best real estate app development company in Kochi, kerala serves as a bridge connecting both the buyers and sellers. Without physically being in the location it helps the buyers to get a view of the property. They can view the property from all angles before making a decision. In essence, it would save effort, money and time. On the contrary,  it will also help the sellers to get to know only the genuine customers interested in buying the property. The app also offers the option to attach the images, features, size of various rooms and also can attach a video

Why Choose Us

Centre source, the best real estate app development company in india, has been winning recognition from all around the world as a mobile app development company that builds custom solutions for various industries. Know in detail the qualities that make us unique.

Outstanding Tech Skills
Centre source being one of the leading real estate app development company in Kochi, Kerala, India houses some of the cream tech talents and skilled workforce. Our seasoned developers are highly engrossed in the technical world and informed on important transformations in the real estate industry and latest tools that will assist them to accomplish their jobs in a better way. This will guarantee us to be able to distribute that tech expertise to you and ensure that your app will be as organized and bug-free.

Custom Solutions
As a renowned real estate mobile app development company in india, we specialize in creating custom mobile application solutions for startups, small-to-midsize, and enterprise-size businesses to streamline their workflows, utilizing the best available application development technologies. We treat every real estate mobile app we build as a brand new project with its own specific requirements, design theme and user experience. Rest assured, your app will not look like something that is already existing on the market.

Interactive Design
It's a fact that an interactive app is better than a non-interactive one. Allowing your users to interact with the app, creates a connection between them. Interactive apps give freedom to users to navigate easily through the app. As the best real estate app developer in india, we make apps with designs that speak volumes, especially for a real estate mobile app, design is the cornerstone of user experience. We ensure that your real estate app has the right design elements that will make it user interactive.

Cost Efficient Solutions
While we don’t compromise on excellence, we guarantee that you get our products at the best achievable charges. Because we believe that Quality should not always come with a high price. The Cost-effectiveness of app development depends entirely on what the app can achieve. We ensure that an interactive, feature-packed, and well-managed app is delivered to take your business touch the zenith of success. As one of the best Real Estate Mobile App Development Company in india, we ensure that our services are priced aptly for all range of businesses.

On-Time Delivery
This implies that the expectations of people are rising and they want their products delivered faster than ever. The market does not wait for anything or anyone. It is imperative that being one of the best real estate mobile app development company in Kochi,india we understand it better than anyone by making on-time delivery possible every time. That is why we put greater emphasis on delivering projects without any delay. This is achieved by investing in the right technology, expertise and a well devised strategy.

Adopt Agile Methodology
As the best real estate app development company in Kochi, india we take pride in following the Agile project management methodology. Each project is broken up into short-duration ‘iterations’ or ‘sprints’. Each iteration would be of the same duration. An agile approach provides transparency of each project and also the feedback frequently exchanged with clients. This allows them to feel more involved and ask for changes throughout the project. Centre Source have dedicated project managers and scrum masters who ensure that all our projects are taken forward in full swing to achieve all milestones.

Finely-tuned customer service
We believe in having our customers develop deeper, more lasting relationships with us. The best real estate app development company in Kochi kerala has always focused on providing optimal customer service by delivering consummate business value for all our hundreds of mobile app development projects. Our developers also take part in customer support as it provides the developers the opportunity to learn important lessons about the real estate app development industry from a different perspective and even onboard new skills.

Continuous upgradation following user feedback
We give high importance to the user feedback, and make changes accordingly. You may have a strong user base generating a decent amount of revenue. But that's not enough. To stand strong in a market for a long term, you need to keep a watch on all latest trends and features. Your competitor might come up with something better than you and grab your user base. As the best real estate app development company in Kerala, India we can help you focus on user feedback and upgrade the app continually. The step helps to retain existing users and also keeps the customers happy and satisfied.

Our Customer First Approach

Use design thinking, agile development methodologies and new intelligent technologies. 

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