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Due to the surge of cars in the crowded cities, trying to find a parking space has become one of the most daunting tasks. People nowadays are unable to find the parking spaces and squeeze in their vehicles in awkward spaces or park their vehicles in almost every corner they find.
When people are in a rush they can also block others when they don’t have time to look for a space. After which they spend the entire day worrying about who might be blocked in by their car. It’s even worse for disabled drivers, who need disabled bays with easy access to the building. Quite simply, inadequate parking annoys people and causes traffic mess and unnecessary conflict.

This is where parking spot finder mobile apps come into picture. These apps become an integral part of urban planning that you no longer have to frantically search for a parking spot. It solves the challenges of parking your vehicle and makes the whole parking process a lot easier. Whether you own parking garages, or multi storey parking locations, or are a businessman, digital solution for smooth parking.

Centre Source is a leading parking finder app development company in India. Our team has great expertise in the latest technologies and develops smart, scalable and unique solutions on how you can park your vehicles. Our comprehensive Parking  spot finding mobile apps help to save people's valuable time as well as their money. With the help of these mobile apps users can find the nearby parking place and can book them too, thus can park in a very suitable manner. Moreover, the parking app will assign the drivers as well; in case the parking place is located at some distance from your destination.

Important Features of Parking Finder App Development - User App Features


Being the top parking finder app development company in Kerala, we have made the registration process easy and quick by letting your users login and register with one click using their existing social network accounts or with their email id.

Location tracking

The parking spot finder mobile app comes with in-built navigation features, a perfect parking companion. This feature helps users easily track the location of their vehicle at a provided time and get an estimated distance between themselves and the parking spot .

Vehicle tracking

Unless you’re one of the lucky souls blessed with a photographic memory, finding your parked car in a crowded, homogeneous lot isn’t easy. The best parking spot finder app development company Kerala, makes it easy by allowing the Users to track the positions of their vehicle in the app to make sure their vehicle is safe on the parking spot.

Search option

We partner with ambitious clients to create sustainable products and innovate new technologies to solve the challenges of our clients in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Laid-back Environment

This feature enables the users to find available parking space in a specific area, location, or city and book the same at their convenience. It allows the users to search and find parking slots in any area of the city they are travelling to.

View Pickup Location

Location tracking for pick up comes handy with the view pick up location feature by one of the best parking spot finding app development company in Kerala. This feature allows the user to have a driver pick up their vehicle and deliver it to them, they can search and view the pick-up location for their vehicle and can collect it with ease.

Estimated time

 This feature helps the users to get an idea about the estimated time of arrival and exit from the parking slot. Based on the time, users will be charged.

Booking option

This is one of the  most essential features in the parking mobile app. One of the most trusted parking app development company in India lets you escape the hassle of waiting in the queue by Pre-booking your parking. You don't have to worry about getting a spot. You're guaranteed a place to park. Users can pre-book or book in demand for the parking slot before going to the place.

Payment methods

In the parking app development, users have been given the option to pay using some payment alternatives which include cash, card, or other digital payment gateways. The smart cashless parking app will  simplify your journey and help you avoid tickets and they remind you when it's time to go.

Parking History

This feature helps parking app development address one of the most common headaches in urban traffic: the best car parking app lets the users view all and most repeatedly used parking areas and pay for the same. This helps the user to use the parking history and book the same place again and again.

Rate and Review

The rate and review feature will always help you the best feasible way. This will help the user to book a space based on the reviews and ratings.

Parking Owner App Features

The best Parking Spot Finding App Development company in Kerala brings to you easy to use parking spot finder apps that allows the app owners to start off with an easy registration process where the parking owner can register to the app by using the social media account or email id.

Add parking slots:
This feature allows the owners of the app to add parking slots available in the area. The app might offer owners adding available spots for bikes, motorcycles, scooters, cars, etc.

Manage pricing:
Parking owners can manage the price charged for the parking slot based on total time and the need for the area. The owner can specify the required amount per hour  and the price can vary according to the possible additional services, or other trivia.

Check bookings:
This feature helps to maintain an efficient and effective way to manage the parking system. Parking owner can check how many bookings were created in their parking area and the owner can accept or reject the parking requests.

The parking owner gets the payment easily through multiple payment gateway providers on every booking of a parking slot in the parking area. The best parking finder app development company in Kochi helps users to seamlessly pay for their parking charges through the app in their preferred payment method. They can choose to pay through their wallet Credit Card, Debit Card, Online Transaction, or the QR Codes etc.

How do Car parking Spot Finder Apps generate revenue

A parking spot finder app has plenty of  channels and opportunities to make money.  These apps depend on the business models you have opted for. Higher downloads will help the companies earn more revenue due to its reach and availability. The best parking finder app development company in Kerala have not only enhanced the parking experience for thousands of users but have also taken it a notch higher by easing the entire process. Take a look at how these apps make money:

Commissions and fee

The car parking finder apps can charge either the drivers or the parking owners or in some cases both. This is one of the most profitable ways and has proved to be a major revenue generator. Commissions function in a very easy manner, where a user books a parking slot from the app for which he is charged a fair amount of money by the parking owner. Though all the money goes to the parking owners, a certain percentage on each booking goes to the parking app owners. This way, the app owners get some amount for each booking made through the app.

In app advertisements allow users to access the app for free of charge. The advertisers can show their ads- banner, placements, video, ads etc. This one is a common source of revenue generation for almost all mobile applications nowadays. They lend out space on their apps to other brand names that are associated with car parking, car wash, car repair service, including car brands, car service centers among others.  This medium helps generate a lot of revenue.

Premium features
The best parking spot finder app development company in India allows the app owners to offer some premium features , for which the users will pay you a premium over and above the commissions and fee. Our experts can conduct a market research and help you identify the services to offer as premium

Featured Listing
This feature allows you to earn extra out of your apps by providing a specialised service for the parking owners involving the marketing and branding of the car parking spaces. Under this, the app owners run certain marketing campaigns on their landing pages to feature their parking spaces over others, the parking owners will need to pay extra for featured listing, thereby increasing the chances of getting more occupants.

Subscription-based parking plans
This is a possible means of earning more money through the app. The app can give out users monthly or annual subscriptions, through which they have to pay a certain amount of money at the beginning of a month or a year to enjoy certain benefits of memberships and make advance bookings for the parking spots. This also helps the users to avoid queues and long lines for parking.

Partnering and Loyalty points
For sustainable revenue generation and to reward the app users for their loyalty, you must ensure to provide them certain benefits in some way or the other. The best parking spot app development company in Kerala ensures a long association of the user with the app and a permanent source of revenue for the parking finder mobile application.  You can also offer exclusive benefits to your users by partnering with businesses and store and promote their products and services to earn extra points like frequent flyer miles.

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