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The demand for streaming content has surged exponentially post the pandemic. It has also breathed life into the entertainment industry that was plagued by numerous uncertainties as cinema halls all across the globe were forced to shut their doors. With people planning to stick to the comfort of their cozy home, OTT platform has emerged as the finest channel for the entertainment industry to reach out to a large section of target audience. Cine industries based in South India have benefited immensely from the change of medium. The OTT platform has helped it transcend the boundaries and reach out to a larger cross section of audience. This major transition has turned the spotlight back on OTT platform development companies in India. 

With all the technical expertise in-tact, Centre Source can easily be categorised as one of the most proficient OTT platform development companies in Kerala. With a strong focus on the entertainment of the target audience, our team of experts develop custom-made apps with distinctive merits that surpass the expectations of the customers in every way possible. In addition to it, the video streaming ideas our experts offer based on experience in the field of technology will be a great boon to the customers.

Among the most efficient OTT App Development Companies in Kochi, Kerala, India. our sought-after creative ideas and strategic development expertise are extremely useful to a wide range of startups who are striving to cash in on the latest trend. Focusing on enhanced viewer experience, the services offered by Centre Source, an OTT app development company in India is powered by state-of-the-art cloud support CDN integration, enterprise grade hosting and testing services. Focusing on enhanced viewer experience, the services offered by Centre Source, a recognized OTT app development company in India is powered by state-of-the-art cloud support CDN integration, enterprise grade hosting and testing services to name a few

At Centre Source, our capable team of proficient technicians are highly committed in their efforts to help you reach out to a wider audience through OTT platform development services. 

The times are such that only OTT platforms that are exceptional in terms of streaming experience will be able to stay constantly ahead of the competition. Only full-fledged and trustworthyOTT app development service providers in India such as Centre Source can help you tide over the competition. Our unique ideas and robust performances have powered the rapid growth of umpteen startups in recent times.

A solution provider like no other Equipped with all the necessary features and content delivery models, our compatible video streaming applications offer an enhanced viewing experience. Our team leaves no stone unturned in its efforts to develop apps that are robust and scalable to all OTT platforms. The phenomenal growth, we have witnessed as an OTT Platform Development company in a rapid period is a testament to the quality we possess. We have effortlessly garnered the trust of the major companies by delivering unique solutions that offer mmense value to the business of our customers. In a nutshell, the following are the services that make Centre Source stand out as an OTT Platform Development company

Customized OTT App Development

We deliver technically proficient yet user-friendly apps that can be customized as per the requirements of our esteemed clients.

Instantly appealing UI/UX designs

The eye-pleasing UI/UX designs we offer help a great deal in enhancing the viewing experience of the users to no end. .

Meticulous app management

Our proficient team of experts ensures that the app meets the market standards by updating it with the latest tools and technologies.

OTT App Testing

Automotive and manual testing will be conducted regularly on the OTT app in order to ensure its flawless functioning..

Navigation Services

Our team of experts offers faultless navigation services of all the apps that offer updated streaming experience to the users.

Optimal Performances

We have all the necessary resources at our disposal to optimize and enhance the quality of OTT apps with great regularity. This guarantees a seamless streaming experience for the users.

Phenomenal Features

The scenario has changed drastically. The margin for error has reduced ever since the time competition increased significantly. Back then when OTT subscribers had only a handful of options to choose from they were willing to forego the issues that cropped up all of a sudden. But now the role of an Ott Platform Development company has become all the more important as people have more than enough options at their disposal. 

With an array of options to choose from, the customer has become extremely selective. This has put the spotlight back on OTT App development companies in India. The customers have a clear idea on which factors they cannot live without. So only those streaming video services of the 300 are available. So among the 300 available streaming video services, only those that cater to the needs of the customers will be able to survive. While the others would find it increasingly difficult to survive the competition.

Following are some of most prized app features that Centre Source, one among the most sought-after Ott App Development Companies in India focuses on

Following are some of most prized app features that Centre Source, one among the most sought-after Ott App Development Companies in India focuses on
User friendly
It is quite clear from the research that the subscribers don't have the patience for complicated menu screens and clunky navigations. In these busy times,  they are looking forward to apps that can be accessed without any difficulties. As a result, a lot hinges on UI  and UX interfaces
We attempt to conceive intuitive and user-friendly apps that will be exceedingly beneficial to the users.
Easy to search
Even if the subscribers are attracted to the content, they'll abandon the subscriptions if they find it difficult to watch the content they desire. 

So even if your content attracted viewers to your brand, they’ll abandon their subscriptions (and try out your competitors) if they can’t find what they actually want to watch.
We attempt to integrate a function that enables the subscribes to search across the metadata in a much easier manner. This could require adding a keyboard to your search to upgrade time-consuming alphabetized menu scrolling.
Menu Recommendations
Menu Recommendations is a feature of absolute importance to the OTT subscribers. It is extremely helpful for those who don't have a clear-cut idea on what is to be watched. 
These recommendations place highly-relevant content directly in front of your audience to streamline the discovery process. the feeling of always having something to watch may prevent them from experimenting with another service.

We place enormous emphasis on menu recommendations while
devising our apps.
We know how much distracting a commercial can be. No one wants their viewing experience to be unnecessarily disrupted.   Hence Subscribers often tend to sign up for apps that offer ad-free streaming services. Upon research it was found that almost 48% of subscribers prefer ad-free experiences. 
It has proven to be a tad difficult for smaller brands though. As they are forced to compete with OTT giants. They are being compelled to convince the users on the fact that the content they offer is worth the upfront payment every bit.

We'll help our customers come up with the right strategies to overcome the existing hurdles in the market. The expert minds at Centre Source will help you sail through such difficult scenarios.
Content available for download
Subscribers prefer apps that offer content that can be downloaded with ease. It enables them to watch the content at the time of their convenience. Almost 40% of subscribers feel that the ability to download content is an extremely important factor when it comes to their decision-making. 

Not making your content available for download forces viewers back into the living room.  Allowing them to take your content with them keeps your viewers engaged and your brand top-of-mind.

Our Customer First Approach

Use design thinking, agile development methodologies and new intelligent technologies. 

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