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Looking to build an On-Demand Grocery delivery app for your grocery business? As the best on demand grocery delivery app developer in Kochi, we provide custom on demand delivery mobile applications with custom design and features as per your business requirements. Manage your grocery store business while making more profit & sales with customized  Grocery app development solutions for local store, super markets to a multi-vendor grocery app for aggregators or chain business.

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In the tech savvy world, the convenience, transparency, better options, irresistible offers and increasingly personalized experiences makes online  grocery shopping a way to go. With a few clicks on your phone, you will receive your preferred grocery at your doorstep in a matter of a few hours or a day, no more unnecessary time-consuming trips to the supermarket. All you need is a grocery app to perform all your grocery orders from the comfort of your house. Online grocery shopping is gaining a huge market all over the world. As the leading and the best grocery delivery app developers in Kochi, Our expert app developers offer on demand grocery delivery apps for marketplaces, single stores, super markets, aggregators, grocery food chains, courier/ parcel services for groceries and other daily needs etc. Choose the best grocery app development company as your development partner who can help you simplify your business process too. Our  On demand grocery delivery solutions are one of the quickest and simplest ways to launch your grocery delivery business anywhere in the world instantly.

Benefits of Grocery Delivery App

Mobile apps have been changing the retail industry across the world. With the rise in the on-demand apps, in addition to serving people's grocery needs right from their home, Grocery delivery apps are also beneficial to the retailers. Retailers enjoy one-time investment with a negligible maintenance cost, push notifications, brand awareness, smooth inventory management, etc. Here are some benefits of Grocery Delivery App that makes it lovable to both customers as well as vendors or grocery stores.

Easy Inventory Management H
assle-free Order Management 
Enhance Customer Loyalty 
Can be Personalized to Customers 
Boost Sales & Visibility 
Seamless Payments 
Wide Product Accessibility 
Time & Cost Efficient 
24/7 Shopping Available

Main Grocery Delivery App Types

Aggregator apps

In this model, the app links and manages multiple outlets in various locations through a single app offering both the owners and customers a hassle-free shopping experience. 

Aggregate app allows the user to get a list of grocery stores, from which he/she can select a store and choose to purchase the product from the list. The user can choose one of the nearby grocery stores already listed on the app or any other store of their choice. The user can add the product to the cart in any quantity. Check out and make the payment with different payment options available. The user will get a notification that the order is successfully placed. The delivery of the grocery is taken care of by the store owner or the aggregator and the user can easily track the order status. 

Make use of this app model and become the uber of grocers. Being the best Grocery delivery app development company in Kochi, Kerala, India Our apps are designed and developed individually to suit your requirements allowing the users to search and shop their desired products, get them delivered on time, saving effort and time. 

we help you leverage grocery delivery app development solutions and expand partnership with leading supermarkets or grocers. We also help increase your profits by offering marketing and analytics options to member grocers.

Supermarket Delivery Apps

Every business is taken online nowadays, and supermarkets are no different. The online supermarket revolution is taking over the world now. Having a digital channel would enhance their business revenue, sales, and fame among customers, as they bring the whole supermarket to the customer’s fingertips and help them bid adieu to long waiting times, traffic woes and unprofessional service. 

It allows people to shop from any location without a physical presence or cash dealings. Also, the app updates your engagement with notifications of shopping, similar products, and offers. The supermarket grocery shopping application is one of the most competitive markets nowadays. As the best grocery delivery app development company in Kerala we can help you provide a top quality of service to your loyal customers through our feature-packed applications and make it easy for you to earn a substantial amount of profit from it.

Small/solitary/single Store App

In this model, most small businesses and stores can provide convenience to their existing clientele rather than attract many new customers. The catalog of items tends to be highly accurate, with products matching exactly what you would find on the shelves and featuring detailed descriptions. 

Given that small businesses typically have a client base only in the hundreds, delivery is usually quick, yet limited to certain hours of the day. As the best grocery delivery app developing company in Kochi, India we help you scale your business with precise on-demand grocery app development. 

It helps you enhance sales by driving customer loyalty and engagement, delivering directly at the customer’s doorstep using GPS enabled solutions, and much more. With single store apps, you can bring all your grocery stores under a single management dashboard and track all your stores and deliveries using a single app.

Diverse market Apps

There are situations where large marketplaces with many different vendors and shops unite together to give their customers a unified shopping experience. Thus, several business owners will partner to build the program, and it will include purchasing features for several vendors rolled into one. Traditionally, the delivery service is also performed by a single person/group on behalf of the many vendors. 

As the best on demand grocery delivery app developers we can help you boost your business by allowing your consumers to browse and key in the products they want using their phones and have the products delivered at home with ease. 

The other good thing with this shopping modality, consumers get what they want, there are no inconveniences associated with them. For diverse marketplaces, grocery apps are a way to go for the coming years.

Courier Apps

Courier apps are not tied to any business or store in particular. They are a service that lets the customer hire someone to do their shopping, regardless of the location. Their services can be varied, you can hire someone to shop groceries, vegetables, medicines, purchase online meat, food order delivery, gifts and send packages etc. 

The couriers may be freelancers or work for the app owner who will receive the customer's list of products to buy, shop it for the customers, and get them door delivered as soon as possible. Customers can place and track their orders online, give reviews, and control their delivery options. 

As the best on demand grocery delivery app developers in Kochi, Kerala, India we can also help courier service or parcel delivery services to embrace this digital innovation to open new doors to fortify their business and increase their footprints and to satisfy customers.

The best feature-rich On-demand Grocery App Development Solutions in India

As a leading grocery app development company in Kochi, Kerala, we offer grocery delivery app solutions that can easily scale up and grow your grocery business like never before.

Grocery Delivery App – Customers Panel

Feature-rich Native Apps

As the best grocery delivery app development company in Kochi, India, we empower your business by building intuitive Android and iOS apps to help shoppers buy groceries online with ease.

Browse Products

Allow your customers to choose from a wide range of food and grocery products with detailed product descriptions.

Search the Store

With the aggregator Grocery delivery app from the best grocery delivery app development company in Kochi, Kerala, we help your customers search from a list of stores. This feature provides your customers with a rich experience and helps you to build partnerships with leading grocers

Easy Onboarding

We keep the onboarding as simple as possible. Our app lets the customers get started quickly using email and social logins with simple walkthroughs that introduce users to how an app can be used

Convenient Product browse

With smart filters the best app grocery app development company in Kochi, Kerala, India will allow your customers to choose from a wide range of food and grocery products with detailed product descriptions. It enables the users to choose from a variety of options that they are not able to find in grocery stores

Quick Search

A successful search interaction should be like a good conversation between you and your user that ultimately helps them find what they need. Our app developers have come up with a quick search facility to enable your customers to find items with intuitive search, filters, and sorting.

Multiple Payment Options

One of the major reasons behind shopping cart abandonment is the unavailability of multiple payment options on the checkout page. As the best grocery delivery app development company in Kochi, Kerala, India, We integrate multiple payment options that allows your shoppers to pay the way they want.

Easy Order Tracking

Keeping your customers posted about the whereabouts of their orders helps build trust. Our grocery delivery apps come with live tracking that gives reports in real time and notifications to keep your customers informed of the current status of their orders.

Effortless Schedule Delivery

Delivery is an important factor of enhanced customer experience. It can make or break your customer base, lead to increased profit margins, and even help you expand as a business. Our grocery delivery apps provide your customers with the liberty to choose a suitable delivery time to receive their orders.


Single click Re-Ordering! It's easier than it sounds. You will often have customers who wish to re-order the same items on a weekly / monthly / quarterly basis. This is for those customers.  The order history will be stored for registered users.  A simple feature like re-ordering can also prompt guest users to create an account and be registered users and soon regular buyers!

Efficient Push Notifications

Push notifications are a fast and efficient way to communicate with your customers. It helps to keep in touch with your users in a non intrusive way by letting your customers know about special deals, price drops, order status, and other relevant updates.

Offer Section

When you offer discounts, specials or coupons, you will draw more buyers. Increased traffic will typically lead to an increase in sales and more app users. We provide a dedicated section for customers to browse the latest deals and discount offers.

Manage Settings

We are committed to provide better user experience in every step of the app building. We ensure seamless management to have better control with profile management, addresses, payment details, notifications settings.

Easy to use

Convenient and easy to use. The application is very easy to use and more convienient.

Feedback & Ratings

Feedback and rating helps better understand your customers & improve Customer Service. Analyzing reviews will let the grocery store owners know what customers really want. Being the best grocery delivery app development company in Kochi, India, we provide feedback and rating features that allow your shoppers to give ratings and feedback about their shopping experience from your grocery business.

Grocery Delivery App- Admin Panel


Dashboard gives you control over your app once it's built. We ensure admin dashboards are well arranged, present all the information and data required and easy to read, navigate, manage and modify all aspects of your grocery business from a single dashboard.

Manage Stores
As the best grocery delivery app development company in Kochi, we provide the right system to manage multiple stores and take your business to the next level! With our extraordinary manage store feature you can run your business smoothly and manage multiple stores in one place.

Assign Managers
Assign managers is a simplified and streamlined store management feature. It lets grocery stores or you (if it is a single vendor platform) assign orders which makes it a critical feature of your grocery app. It helps you assign orders to different delivery persons as per their availability.

Assign Orders
This feature lets grocery stores or you (if it is a single vendor platform) assign orders which makes it a critical feature of your grocery app. It helps you assign orders to different delivery persons as per their availability. Assigning orders can be done manually or automatically.
Track Orders
Using the ‘track order’ feature, the delivery side can track and see if any order requests are made.  With this feature, the grocery stores can manage the order status and update customers when their order is going to be at their doorstep.

Manage Payments
Add your payment details to your app and start receiving payments for every online grocery sale. With this feature, the best grocery app development company in Kochi will help you manage and edit the financial accounts and payment details. It will also help businesses calculate the total revenues generated from the app.

Manage Offers
This feature will enable admin(s) to send out notifications to the customers about discounts or deals on products and other upcoming offers. Using the order history, custom notifications can be sent to users as per their preferences and interests. This in turn will ensure that customers stay loyal to your brand and help in user retention.

Manage Feedback
Keep a tab on what your customers are saying about your grocery delivery services. This can greatly help to know the shortfalls, improve and achieve customer satisfaction

Factors that affect Grocery App Development Cost

Mobile app development cost involves several factors that are of significance. While some of the eGrocery Store development directly impacts store sales and users journey, some may impact on the overall back-end operations of grocery ordering app business.  Above all, the working business model of the enterprise determines the other ad hoc cost requirements. Have a look at them.

App Platform 
App design & functionality 
Technology used 
Features Module 
Third-Party App Integration 
App Hosting 
App updates & Maintenance 
UI/UX Design App Security

Our Customer First Approach

Use design thinking, agile development methodologies and new intelligent technologies. 

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