We do not build apps We build experiences

We don't just build an app, we craft the kinds of experiences that leverage emotion and psychology to create truly meaningful ones. Ensure your ideas reach their full potential by following the proven process of top Android app developers in Kochi like us.

At centre Source, We provide our clients with the finest of services. We are a one-stop solution to all mobile app related development and services. Our best iOS and Android app developers in Kochi are some of the best in the business and can drive your business to grow a larger customer base and help you earn more. We consistently work towards building crash-free iOS and Android mobile applications. We have a team of top app developers in Kochi working in this arena for years and building top-rated mobile apps.

Kerala’s  trusted Android App Development Company

We are seasoned, cross-platform Mobile App Developers. Over the years we have been extending our services as the best App Developers in Kerala. We have actively involved with our clients, identified the uncertainties they face while choosing the perfect development technology. Our experts can help analyze your requirements and find the apt technology for your Mobile App Development.

At Centre Source, as a best android app development company in Kerala, We house a solid group of Android specialists with proven abilities and aptitude along with years of experience in building best-in-class apps. Being the best android app development company in Kerala, our mobile developers are dedicatedly immersed in creating adaptable and profoundly strong android mobile applications and porting to particular mobile stages.

Our Values

As the leading Android App Development Company in Kerala, Our organization is built on the basis of honesty and fairness to make it go a long way. We always focus on delivering unique Android apps without compromising the requirements of our clients.

Integrity And Ethics

It's true any company can put words on paper and talk about what their values are. But if people aren’t living business integrity in everything they do, it won’t matter what they say. We take every word we say seriously and we believe Integrity is important for businesses and individuals alike. We build strong and trusting relationships between our employees, and clients. As one of the best Android app development company in Kochi,   We are heavily inclined towards ensuring complete safety and security of your data, users’ data, and critical business intellectual property.  Our team ensures to complete work in a way that is based on honesty and integrity and due to this the whole organization benefits.


Centre Source is not just a mobile app development company; it’s an organization that makes your dream come true and aims to provide the ultimate experience through their Android Mobile apps. The best android app development company in Kochi specialises specializes in the most engaging apps with the best UI that makes the whole experience a remarkable one and makes people spend more time on the apps. Our focus is on being ahead of the competitors by ensuring all products launching in the market are a part of innovation and not duplication.

100% Transparency

We Maintain 100% Transparency and Precision in every aspect with our Clients. Being one of the best Android app development companies in Kochi, we focus on delivering high-quality apps that are built to scale from the ground with the best practises and standards. Following a transparent and proactive approach to turn numerous businesses into a functional mobile app that scales on-demand, our team of experienced mobile developers has successfully completed numerous mobile app development projects for clients ranging from small to medium businesses.

24*7 Support

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and consider our customers our top priority. This is why being the best android app development company in Kochi,  we have a full support system for your websites and applications in place. Whether you are looking for advice, an update on a current project or want to report an issue our team is available 24/7 via email or phone for support and maintenance services to the clients globally.

Why choose Android app development

Wider Market

As we all know, Android apps run on a larger number of devices compared to their iOS counterparts, the math dictates that an Android app has access to a larger pool of customers. Paid apps can generate higher profits, and free ones can expect more downloads and reach. Hence, it makes sense to choose a mobile application development platform that focuses on Android app development. At Centre Source, the best android app development company in Kochi, our team has technical expertise and rich-industry experience to build business-centric apps that support enterprises to stay ahead in the market by reaching out to the wider audience.

Greater Innovative Potential

Android being Google’s brainchild, provides freedom, innovation and is more fun to play around with. Android's policy for including apps is a lot more flexible, which allows developers more space to experiment and innovate. By choosing an android development platform paves way to more experiments, encourages new ideas, and is instrumental in creating applications that add previously unmatched value into users’ lives. Centre Source is not only the best Android app development company in Kochi; it’s also an organization that breathes innovation, and aims to provide the ultimate experience to your clients.

Easier Installation

It's a lot easier to download an Android app from any website or Google Play Store. Along with Google Play Store, apps can be hosted on third-party websites. Android’s software development kit allows this, as well as the ability to install the app on the device directly, or from the command line. As a well known and the best android app development company in Kochi, we make your app is available to a larger number of users and ensure you investing in an Android app development platform is a safe bet.

Lower Development Cost (OS Perspective)

Android is also open source, and easier to pick up. This Provides an  edge over iOS when developers have to choose. A mobile application development platform that emphasizes apps for Android will lower the costs of the entire process to some extent. Also, the reasons to choose Android over other platforms are manifold. The decision to choose a platform is best made through collaboration among various departments, individuals and interests. Android is often the right decision for startups and emerging companies. At the same time it is capable of supporting major companies and their global app creation aims. Being the top rated and the best android app development company in Kochi, we make the best mobile applications at 10X speed so that you can start on your digital transformation jou

Social Media Optimization 

Android is best suited for developing social apps. It has become mandatory for Mobile applications to incorporate social media capabilities, as it has become one of the most potent forms of marketing in existence. Apps developed on Android also carry the ability to better integrate with a wider variety of social media websites, which help companies spread the word in an easier fashion. Being the best Android app development company in Kochi, we link your app to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and similar other social media platforms so that you get a guaranteed and greater user engagementrney at the speed of technology.

What we do

We believe that well-designed and monetized apps are now crucial for today’s businesses.


Understanding your target audience is of paramount importance for your business. Our experienced tech corps and Android App developers can utilize the flexibility provided by the fast evolving Android ecosystem. They can get you insightful app analytics and provide a qualitative process of development.


Security and Confidentiality of your data are of utmost importance to us during all our Android Mobile Development projects.

Design and develop

As the best Android app development company in Kochi, we can design and develop your ideas into an application that contributes to your business which is not only simple, neat and accurate but also user-friendly.


We do not have mere developers working on your project, but we share your goals with Android Developer communities, research and then explore the possibilities of an Android platform to suit your end customer needs.


We stress on incremental development and rapid application prototyping, to make sure our clients not only receive the desired outcomes instantly but suffice their long-term goals as well. With our multiple industry exposures in industries like  E-Commerce, retail, real estate to name a few, we have experienced the scope Android has had for different products.

Android Application Development  from A to Z

Android is used by millions of smartphone users around the world, which has made it the first choice for building applications for various domains. When it comes to mobile apps, user experience plays a key role in customer retention. 

Our experienced Android developers from one of the best android developing company in Kochi are some of the best in the global market who know every corner of the Android platform, down to its core. 

We have the experience of working with every Android device type, brand, and custom ecosystem. Our Android app development services will give you a reliable product that appeals to the platform’s users. 

We ensure that it is fully capable of supporting established companies as well. We guarantee scalability with expertise in everything related to android app development, which in fact procured us the title - “one of the best Android app development company in Kochi”.

UI & UX Design Services

Woo your customers with state-of-the-art app design solutions, ensuring seamless navigation and high customer engagement. As the best android app developing company in kerala Our team of Android app designers holds expertise in creating memorable experiences across all Android devices and versions.

Custom Android App Development

Our android application developers never fail to deliver feature-rich and high-performing custom android app development on leading android development technologies and tools. With expertise in building robust, scalable Android solutions, we create custom Android software for a range of industries across the globe. As one of the best android app development company in Kerala, we help you build a solution that presents your authentic voice in a store with millions of apps.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality and reliability plays a major role If you're launching a mobile app and expect it to be successful in such a dense marketplace. The best android app development company in Kerala will carry out rigorous manual and automated methods to increase the test coverage for developing a bug-free app. Our qualified team of developers and testers will ensure the quality of the Android application with robust testing for debugging and an unprecedented experience.

Custom Plugin Development

Our custom plugin development services aim to emphatically combat all sorts of constraints and errors in the process of Android app development. Our team of skilled and proficient android  developers in the best android development company in Kochi  are backed with advanced infrastructure and long-term experience, and hence, make sure to Improve the efficiency of your application with custom plugins developed to fit perfectly with your existing product.


Our experts help in utilizing third-party integrations so you can add the best possible features to your app. We have relevant skills and infrastructure to provide impeccable solutions to various industries.  As the best android app developing company in Kochi, we provide you with secure 3rd party integration such as payment integration, sales tools, marketing tools, and more.

Android App Maintenance & Support

The best android app development company in Kerala provides a host of benefits that make your mobile app maintenance and support task hasslefree. We provide expert application monitoring for evaluating the end-user experience and component-level performance of the mobile application. Our Android app maintenance services offer technical support, bug fixing, corrective maintenance, and app version upgrades, etc. We also offer better and faster software maintenance, increases app productivity, and results in higher app ROI.

Our Customer First Approach

Use design thinking, agile development methodologies and new intelligent technologies. 

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