Misconceptions of Digital Marketing


Misconceptions of Digital Marketing

It takes time to rank on Google Search Results if you are going organic.


FACT 1: Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day; Your Ranking Takes time 

It takes time to rank on Google Search Results if you are going organic. Going organic is the best fit. The time it takes for the algorithm to crawl on all your contents and find out the best fit for your audience, this is the best proposed strategy for your business to grow. Search engines crawl through your content to find out unique helpful information for your audience and is showcased in the results 

FACT 2: A car doesn’t drives itself; until it’s made by Elon Musk

Content is the only strategy that drives people and not strategy  alone. You need a strategy for your business, finding out what will help them and what will be viewed by your audience. The initial impression is paramount for all your audience when speaking from a business perspective, the impression they make on your contents are watched by the algorithms to orient your contents accordingly. Here strategy is important for the algorithm  to share it with the right target audience

FACT 3: Great things take time; Being digital takes time

Instant sales is a scam. If you are going digital, it takes time for traction to come in, that is it takes time for your digital presence to be visible. The faster it gets the less organic it will be. Your contents and Digital Marketing strategies takes time to get visible to the public

FACT 4: Do you own a smartphone ? Then it is time 

Having a mobile friendly website can bring in a huge difference to the website and visitors that you get. Most people prefer mobile over Desktops and Laptops due the convenience it provides. And if you don’t have a Digital presence optimized for mobile presence, then you are making a big mistake 

FACT 5: Need quality  over quantity ? Trend matters

If you need your content to be viral, there are two strategies to get noticed. Go with the trend and select something unique and showcase it to your traffic. The quality and trending it gets, the better it is. Several strategies that blends with the trend is the best way to generate your initial sales pitch


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