How AI will Transform Mobile App Development


How AI will Transform Mobile App Development

The process of mobile app development is heading towards a revolutionary path. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slowly but surely creating an impact on the business. So much so that many apps are being made with inventive and user-centric AI features in mind. It can be categorized as the crux of the major transformation that the field of technology will witness in the coming years.


Apps built on AI will offer a truly personalized experience to the users. By relying on the inbuilt technology, the developers will be able to get a sense of the preferences of the user. This will ultimately help them offer personalized recommendations through the app.  In a nutshell, AI in app development very well recognizes the importance of human behavior. 

Acting as the personalization tool, AI accumulates in-depth insights based on each user's searches, preferences and buying habits, etc. It will enrich both front-end as well as back-end app experiences making them a lot more personal as it teaches machines to process information like a human brain. 

These apps pay close attention to the behaviour of the users. Based on the information on the same, they align products as per the preferences of the user. My Starbucks app in the food and beverage industry is a perfect example of the same. Other examples of intelligent apps include Barista, Amazon Go and Taco Bot app.

AI further broadens the scope, making it all the more easier for app developers. They can effectively make use of the flexibility offered by AI. By deploying innovative code, they can revolutionize the way data is gathered and accessed by mobile users.

The following are some of the AI-based inventions that have found their way to the field of mobile app development 

A prominent feature of security and tracking-based apps, face detection helps you secure confidential data and apps that contain data with vital information.  It is basically a technology that detects a human face in a digital image or video format. It is widely popular and serves a greater purpose for plenty of security apps.

A new, evolved face of customer services, Chatbots act as an effective channel between businesses and customers. It has gained immense popularity in recent times.  It is basically a conversational experience provider. It strives to improve query response with each conversation.

If it was not for the advent of AI and machine learning, online search via voice and images would have still remained as a distant possibility. This streamlined process has proved to be an asset for the users. It has prompted several businesses to integrate voice recognition, app localization and image recognition thereby increasing user experience and business conversion rate. 

Strong app authentication helps to create an impenetrable security shield that protects your apps, online services from the dark web. This is of absolute importance in these times when more and more data is going online. These apps analyze user behavior alongside alerting the customer on impending threats and breaches.

 Image recognition technology is fast gaining momentum in the modern world. It puts focus on instance-level and fine-grained recognition issues. It improves image analysis, security, and self-learning with every use case. 

AI is not merely a work tool. It has evolved into a lot more. With our homes transforming into smart homes, it has penetrated into our lives as well. It can deliver the desired impact with the tiniest of hints and suggestions. 


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