About Branding in 200 words


About Branding in 200 words

Branding is so much more than we all think it is. The strategy that creates a brand name is going to last forever and will be praised if done in a successful way.


Branding is always about storytelling and the method through which you tell the story, the message lasts forever. The strategy you use to mold your brand will be forever remembered and will be praised by analysts and social media marketers. This trend goes on forever. 

When a person goes to market to get a particular product or service and finds your product along with several other competitors, then you need to create a push in the customers mind and make them choose your brand over others, this is where branding takes place, the push you give must be always about stories.

And the stories you create must reflect a moral, a moral that could be comprehended to values and which drives a notion of prejudice among the customers. 

It is always not about the values you drive but also about the feel or comfort you provide, and to be honest this is the flip side, stay tuned to this blog series to browse through the various phases of branding.

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